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Make the most of your reading dollars by bringing in your 'gently read' books  and trade your books for our store credit.   While we can’t take every book which is offered to us, we do want to trade.  Our store credit can be used to buy any book in our store, with no genre restrictions.  Store credit can be used to save you up to 50% of your book costs which means you pay the difference plus the sales tax. 

We trade for paperbacks only in our fiction section and check our shelves to insure we do not have more than two copies of a title.  Non-fiction, in any format, is accepted very selectively.  All books must be in good or better condition.

Store credit can be shared between you and your friends and family, and it is good until it is used up or the slip becomes unreadable (about 2 1/2 years).  This gives the opportunity to shop and find those books you've been looking to read but could never find.